Brandon Friendship Centre Circa 2010


For a number of years this was the website for the Brandon Friendship Centre, an urban Aboriginal service delivery agency developing programs and support services to meet the needs of Aboriginal people in the community as a whole. If you have inadvertently found this site looking for the Brandon Friendship Centre, please go to their current site.
The current website for the Brandon Friendship Centre is found at:

Content is from the site's 2010 archived pages providing a brief glimpse of what this site offered its community.


An update: 2020 Update with respect to Covid-19. Brandon Friendship Centre, just like everywhere in the world, has taken steps to ensure their community and those who access their facility and services are kept safe. Some services have closed and others are modified.

After retiring from the Assiniboine Community College, I moved to a Baltimore. It was a bit of a shocker, but not in a bad way- just different. I have really enjoyed the past five year in Maryland, but finally recognized with the onset of Parkinson's disease I should probably move into an assisted living facility. My daughter who lives just north of Baltimore in Bel Air suggested, a senior care / assisted living facility, Hart Heritage Estates in Forest Hill Maryland which would be close to her. I moved in in January of 2020. The past twelve months has been surreal to say the least when the Covid 19 pandemic hit. Lots of fear when assisted living facilities and nursing homes were overwhelmed with so many deaths due to Covid 19. Hart Heritage Estates did not escape unscathed, some residents did die of Covid 19. But the facility responded quickly with masks, masks, masks, social distancing, and now visitors. It was difficult to be so isolated, but I did spend a great deal of time face timing with my adult children. We have now all been vaccinated along with all the staff at Hart Heritage Estate With Spring approaching I am looking forward to being able to go outside and sit watching the arrival of birds. Nestled on 6.5 acres of park-like grounds, all us residents have a front row view of nature at its finest. I must say I don't miss the winters in Brandon, but that area of Manitoba is lovely and I do miss hiking and fishing in the various Provincial Parks. Hopefully by the summer travel between Canada and the US will get back to normal.
My daughter said she would go with me to Brandon for a visit. I would like to do as soon as it is possible, before my Parkinson's disease makes traveling really difficult. Summer is really lovely in Manitoba.


CIRCA 2010

The Brandon Friendship Centre is pleased that you have visited our site. There are plenty of programs and services being offered by our Friendship Centre. Please explore our programs and if you require more information please call or send us an email.

Our main office is located at 836 Lorne Avenue Brandon, MB. R7A 0T8.

We also have buildings at 303 9th Street, 205 College Avenue, 321 9th Street, and 602 Rosser Avenue.

The Brandon Friendship Centre has an open policy whereby membership is open to all Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people.

We have a front Drop-In area that serves as a meeting place for anyone wanting a place to relax and have coffee during the day.

The Brandon Friendship Centre is 1 of 120 Friendship Centre’s across Canada and 1 of 11 in Manitoba.

Brandon Friendship Centre

A Bridge Between Two Cultures

A Friendship centre is an urban Aboriginal service delivery agency. It exists to meet the needs of people, either migrating to cities or living in them. It attempts to bridge a gap between two cultures, the non-urban and urban culture.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide programs & services to all people with an initial emphasis on Aboriginal people

Objectives Of Our Centre

To carry on without pecuniary gain, objects of a national, charitable, scientific, social or professional character and the like.

To partner with service agencies, volunteer organization, private industry and all levels of government in advancing and maintaining the well being of Aboriginal people.

To provide medium for the development of Aboriginal leadership in the community.

To assist the community in promoting a deeper awareness of the culture and heritage of our Aboriginal population.

To develop programs and support services to meet the needs of Aboriginal people in the community as a whole.

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm
By appointment only


The Brandon Access Exchange Service
836 Lorne Ave. Brandon, MB. R7A 0T8
Phone: (204) 729-8115
Fax: (204) 726-0902
Email: [email protected]

Brandon Access Exchange Service

BAES provides supervised access services to families where there has been a history of domestic violence and/or where there exists a high level of conflict.

The primary goal of BAES is to ensure the safety and well being of children by providing a secure and comfortable environment in which visits and exchanges can occur. BAES does not provide service to families where children are in the care of Chidl and Family Servies.

BAES does not make assessments or judgements with respect to whether a parent should or should not be supervised. Observation notes completed by facilitators following each visit/exchange provide a factual accounmt of what occurred during contact.

BAES does not negotiate access conditions nor will we advocate on behalf of parental parties.

Wednesday 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Friday 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 - 4:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 - 6:00 pm

A Supervised exchange is the transfer of children between two parental parties involving a third party who facilitates and supervises the actual exchange. The purpose is to avoid contact and potential conflict between parties throughout the course of the transfer.

How Do I Apply?

  • Participation in BAES is voluntary.
  • Both parents must initiate contact with BAES before we will proceed with the application process.
  • Once we have been contacted by both parties, intake appointments are scheduled inpidually with each parent.

A supervised visit is contact between a parent and one or more children in the presence of a facilitator. The facilitator observes, listens and intervenes when necessary by limiting or modifying a parent's behavior and protects the child from potential harm during a visit.
Supervised Visit
$10.00 (maximum 2 hours)

Supervised Exchange
$5.00 (per exchange)

BAES works with families where:

  • There has been a history of domestic violence and/or continued conflict
    A parent identifies concern for their personal safety
    There exists a court order pertaining to access or where there is an agreement between parties

We are a non-profit organization and donations are welcome


Contact Information

Main Office 727-1407
BAYAC Youth Drop-In 729-8112
B.A.E.S. 729-8115
Kokum's Daycare 728-9041
Headstart 729-0788
In A Good Way 571-0670
Aboriginal Healing and Wellness (Nellie) 726-1112
Aboriginal Healing and Wellness (Lorrie) 726-8791
Portage Aboriginal Head Start (204) 239-5853
Adult Upgrading 726-1830
Stepping Out 727-1407


Hours of Operation

Main Office

Monday 8:30-4:30pm
Tuesday 8:30-4:40pm
Wednesday 8:30-4:30pm
Thursday 8:30-4:30pm
Friday 8:30-4:30pm

Aboriginal Healing and Wellness

Monday                       8:30-4:30pm

Tuesday                      8:30-4:30pm

Wednesday                 8:30-4:30pm

Thursday                     8:30-4:30pm

Friday                          8:30-4:30pm


Little Teaching Lodge/Portage Aboriginal Head Start

Monday 8:00-5:00pm
Tuesday 8:00-5:00pm
Wednesday 8:00-5:00pm
Thursday 8:00-5:00pm
Friday 8:00-2:00pm

BAYAC and PCC Programs

Sunday 1:00-8:00pm
Monday 3:00-9:00pm
Tuesday 3:00-9:00pm
Wednesday 3:00-9:00pm
Thursday 3:00-9:00pm
Friday 3:00-10:00pm
Saturday 3:00-10:00pm

Stepping Out

Saturday 10:00am-3:00pm

Brandon Friendship Centre Staff

GAIL - Executive Director  
ANITA – Financial Administrator
CARLA – Receptionist
STEPHEN - Janitor
JAMIE – Housing Maintenance
MAVIS – In a Good Way Coordinator
BARB – CPNP Coordinator 
ERIKA– Family Support Worker 
CHARLENE– Family Support Worker
TAMMY  – Head Start Coordinator
LARA – Head Start ECE
AMANDA  – Inclusion Facilitator
DENISE – Driver/Cook
SHARI – Head Start Receptionist/PIC
LYNDON – Adult Upgrading Instructor
BRENDA – Literacy Tutor
MELISSA – Partners for Careers Counselor
CARRIE – Partners for Careers Assistant
RANDA– UMAYC Program Coordinator  
JEANINE – BAES Coordinator
BRITTANY – BAES Facilitator
SHIRLEY – BAES Facilitator
SERINA – BAES Facilitator
GINA - BAES Facilitator
HANNAH - BAES Facilitator
NELLIE - Community Wellness Worker
LORRIE – Community Wellness Assistant
SAMANTHA – Community Liaison Assistant
MARIE– Referral Worker
FRANK – Cultural Worker
VERNON – Project HOPE Caretaker
ANNA KAY – Day Care Coordinator
YAN – Daycare ECEII
AMANDA - Daycare ECE
DIANE– Daycare Cook
STEPHANIE - PLP Daycare Supervisor
RACHELLE - PLP Parent Involvement Coordinator/Admin
CRISTA - Cook/Driver
JAKI - PLP Daycare ECE
LAURA – FASD Coordinator
LEANNE– FASD Support Worker
PAUL– FASD Support Worker
LAURENE – FASD Support Worker
KATHY – FASD Support Worker
PAUL - Financial Admin Assistant